As an adept specialist anaesthetist, Dr. Gerald Nyoni has over 10 years experience as an anaesthetist and critical care practitioner in both State and Private practice. Dr. Nyoni graduated from the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences in 2002.He earned a Masters Degree in Medicine specializing in Anaesthesia and Critical Care from the same University’s Institute of Continued Health Education (ICHE).He is a Fellow of the College of Anaesthesiologists for East Central and Southern Africa and also holds an MBA from the University of South Wales.

At present, he is a practising anaesthetist in the Department of Anaesthetics and Critical Care in the State’s tertiary hospitals and has a private practice at Zimbabwe’s leading private hospitals. He has a special interest in anaesthesia for Orthopaedic and Spinal surgery and Neurosurgery.

Dr. Nyoni is a philanthropist who is devoted to helping patients with spinal deformities undergoing corrective surgery so that they may live a normal life. His hobbies include sports, music and reading.