Patient and Visitor Information

Equiped with the technical skills and knowledge gained while training at some of the best spine schools in the world, we hope to provide the most comprehensive spine care possible to our patients.


Congratulations! You are taking the first step to overcome your neck or back pain.

Inorder to help you more efficiently, please attach recent medical reports (such as CT/MRI).

Please attach your referral letter if available.

At Zimspine we don’t just usher your healing but we provide a memorable experience throughout the journey. We are nothing short of world class standards in our care plans as directed by our world renowned spinal orthopaedic surgeon Dr Valentine Mandizvidza.

What we do

At ZimSpine we consult on all orthopaedic conditions as well as all things spine, whether the issue is new or you have had it for years.

Our spinal services include:

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Healthcare standards

As ZimSpine we aim to create an environment where patients feel at home whilst they are being treated. It is imperative that the patient' expectations are well managed before embarking on a treatment plan. This is achieved through listening to the patients' needs and explaining to them the deliverables of the treatment plan.

The treatment and recovery processes are the most important and it is our goal for patients to receive the highest possible care throughout their "experience" at ZimSpine.